Below is a list of possible classes. Some are not offered at each Kaaba, but are offered when the Presenter is available or as is appropriate to the attendees'/region's needs.

The Black Lodge: Keeping Your Space Out of the Red: Manage the funding of your space with attention to leases, dues, membership, programming and more.

Crafting A Culture: What makes your local body unique? Is there something you've "always done that way" that is no longer working? This presentation focuses on how to develop and maintain organizational culture to achieve desired goals.

The Creepy Guy: S/he’s not breaking the rules, but is driving people out the door. What can you do?

Disciplinary Measures: This topic will cover the general philosophy of discipline within O.T.O., and discuss the range of disciplinary measures that may be taken when necessary, both formal and informal.

Elephant in the Temple: Power... we don't always talk about it, but it's always there. Eliza will talk about power dynamics that work, and how to avoid those that don't. Then we will participate in a role-play in which the audience determines who holds power in some of the sticky situations we can find ourselves in.

Financial Management: Everything a local body does requires money in some form or another. I'll talk about how to effectively organize and oversee financial resources.

Financial Planning: Growing your money; how to utilize financial data to shape future financial decisions.

Financial Reporting and Tracking: How to easily keep a handle on your finanical transactions and records. I'll describes the content and form of financial records.

Hospitality: A review of the historical importance and symbolism of hospitality.

Leadership Ethics: Fundamentals of efficient leadership in the way of our Order.

Local E.G.C. Administration: Discussion of clergy authority, assignment of novice status, the role of bodymasters in E.G.C. production, required reporting to the national E.G.C. secretariat, and other Church administration topics.

O.T.O. Organizational Structure: Describes the basic organizational structure of O.T.O., including the legal formation, government, and scope of IHQ, U.S. Grand Lodge, and U.S. local bodies.

Passing the Chair: Transitions can be unexpectedly difficult. In this presentation I'll talk about how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to get out of them when you don't. This presentation is especially important for members of bodies with a recent or upcoming change of mastership.

Process Without Tears: How to play the O.T.O. bureaucracy game...and win.

Sexual Ethics: What is the significance of sexual ethics in an organization that celebrates sexuality as one of its highest spiritual principles? We will review Order policy on non-consensual sexual conduct, and expand our discussion beyond this to explore the ethical responsibilities that go along with the sexual freedom we enjoy as Thelemites and as representatives of O.T.O.

Special Events: How every local body can be hosting special events to interest members, attract the public, or raise money, both practical and theoretical.

Strategic Marketing: Take your outreach to the next level with strategic marketing. Learn to identify potential target audiences and tailor your message to appeal to them, while remaining true to our principles. We will explore horizontal and vertical growth models, and apply the principles of mainstream marketing to help us achieve our aims of promulgation and growth.

Strategic Planning: What's next for your local body? How will you get there? This presentation describes the key components of the strategic planning process.

Treating Workers Well: How do you get people to work for your local body? How do you keep them happy and productive? This long-standing and much loved Kaaba presentation addresses many issues surrounding volunteer labor. It's appropriate for both new and experienced officers.

Wearing the Hat: A brief discussion of the unofficial consequences of official authority that can arise when managing the multiple roles we assume within O.T.O.

Wearing the Helmet: Sometimes the hat of leadership isn't enough. The talk focuses on how to handle those really painful assaults, the ones that keep us up at night.

and more...