Speaker Pool

Hattie Quinn

Sr. Hattie Quinn (she/they) serves as Local Leadership Training Coordinator and now heads the Kaaba Colloquium Program, after over ten years as part of Kaaba 3. She is the Assistant Internet Secretary and Virtual Valley administrator, works with the  Strategic Planning Secretary on Organizational Development and is a member of the Families Committee and the Diversity Task Force. She served an eleven-year term on the Electoral College, the final four as its President. She is an ordained priestess, chartered initiator, and mentor, and serves as High Priestess of Baphomet Chapter. 

She lives in Fort Worth, TX, with her husband Fr. Satyr, attends Los Angeles Film School online, homeschools their son, and regularly explores the state and national parks of the American South.

Her motto is Soror Cinncinatus to reflect her calling to help fix things and return home to rest until needed again. She likes things "Just-So" and idolizes Benjamin Franklin. 

Email her at hattie.quinn@oto-usa.org.

Jay Lee

Br. Jay Lee (he/him) received the Minerval degree in 2008 EV. He served as organizer in Indianapolis and is the founding master of Anabasis Camp. He is a member of Ouarda Chapter, where he serves on the Committee of Four.  He is a local member of Anabasis Camp, Sword & Serpent Oasis,  Chalice of Heaven Oasis, and Black Sun Lodge. Nationally, he is a member of the Education Committee, an Electoral College intern and mentor, as well as a member of the E.C.’s Commercial Real Estate and Resource Development  Committees. 

He and his husband raise chickens on their urban farmstead. When not engaged in Order work, he enjoys reading and receiving instruction from his dogs Bitzi Bargeld and Buster Wags. 

Email him at: jay.lee@oto-usa.org

Derek Bales

Br. Derek Bales (he/him) discovered the writings of Crowley via Robert Anton Wilson’s books during his undergrad years in the mid-90’s; upon completing the student curriculum of A∴A∴ and moving from Iowa to Colorado, he initiated into O.T.O. in 1999. More than ten years later Derek helped organize Crux Ansata in Denver with three other initiates. 

Inspired by a love of service, he pursued his master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology while serving as master of Crux Ansata. These days he is a member of Asharah Chapter as well as serving on the Electoral College. Chartered initiator and ordained priest, Derek most loves providing music and ambiance to local rituals, including and especially the Gnostic Mass. 

Email him at: derek.bales@oto-usa.org

Melissa Holm

Sr. Melissa Holm (she/her) joined O.T.O. in 2002 and in her time has held several offices locally and nationally, including National Conference Chair and local E.G.C. Secretary. She currently holds the position of U.S.G.L. Strategic Planning Secretary, leads the COVID Response Team, and is Secretary for Psyche-Eros Chapter of R+C.  She is also ordained as a Priestess in E.G.C. and a chartered initiator.

In her day job as a Project Manager with a focus on Change Management and Continuous Improvement, she is constantly finding new concepts and tools to impart the mystery of Leadership into the work of our Order. In her “spare time,” she can be found conspiring with her husband Br Jon Sewell on musical and magical (and home improvement) projects including their 20-year obsession with the Rites of Eleusis. 

Email her at: melissa.holm@oto-usa.org

Jon Sewell

Br. Jon Sewell (he/him) has been an initiate of O.T.O. since 1999, previously serving as Master of Horizon Lodge and U.S.G.L. Document Control Officer. He is an Ordained Priest, a Chartered Initiator, and a Certified Initiator Trainer. Jon is deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve the Order, and for the trust reposed in him. They even let him write his own bio for Kaaba, so he has taken the opportunity to attest that he is probably a homunculus and suspects that coffee has rendered him immortal. He currently serves as Grand Lodge Volunteer Coordinator, a presenter for Advanced Initiation Training, and with the planning team for Kaaba. 

During his tenure in the Order, Jon has made it a regular practice to engage in a variety of creative projects including original rituals and adaptations of Crowley’s works, which in turn were adapted into films that received national and international awards.

Email him at: jon.sewell@oto-usa.org


Mackay (she/her) hails from Plymouth, MI, and lived in PA, VT, TX, and CA before declaring she never wants to leave Portland, OR again. She is past treasurer and past deputy of Sekhet-Maat O.T.O. (Portland, OR) where she serves as a chartered initiator and ordained priestess of E.G.C. Mackay is a member of Psyche-Eros Chapter, Rose Croix; she serves as the U.S.G.L. Assistant to the Parliamentarian for Policy Reconciliation, and is a member of the Grand Tribunal and the Education Committee.

Outside of O.T.O. Mackay practices law and yoga. Some people collect stamps or baseball cards; Mackay collects health and fitness credentials. She is a credentialed yoga instructor (YA), a certified personal trainer (NASM), a board-certified health and wellness coach (NBHWC), a certified group exercise instructor (ACE), and much more than meets the eye. Mackay lives with Senator Charles Meezer, a 13-year-old seal point/snowshoe Siamese mix; when not busy with his purresidential campaign, he serves as Tau MeowMeow.

Email her at: mackay@oto-usa.org

Colin Campbell

Br. Colin Campbell (he/him) has been a member since 2001. Colin was the founding master of Abrahadabra Oasis in Portland, ME, where he remains a member, as well as maintaining membership at Knights Templar Oasis in Salem, MA, and Tahuti Chapter in New York. He is an Ordained Priest and Chartered Initiator. He is currently honored to serve U.S.G.L. on the Education Committee, as Vice Chair of the Profess House Committee, as Advisor to the Strategic Planning Secretary, and as Local Body Mentor for the Electoral College.

Colin is an author and speaker on Thelema and ceremonial magic. He has written a number of books on these topics, including A Concordance to the Holy Books of Thelema, Thelema: The Life, Work, and Philosophy of Aleister Crowley, The Sigillum Dei: The Magic Seal of Dr John Dee, Of the Arte Goetia, and  The Offices of Spirits. He has had the honor of speaking at the biannual O.T.O. conference, NOTOCON, on multiple occasions, as well as at local bodies across the country.

 Email him at: colin.campbell@oto-usa.org

Carrie Anne

Carrie Anne (they/she) has been a member of the Order since 2012. She is a past Secretary, Treasurer, and current Deputy Master of Chariot of Eternity Oasis in Cleveland, Ohio. She is also an ordained Priestess and Deacon, and a Chartered Initiator. Carrie Anne is a unicorn, which, in part, means that she is a gender-fluid individual who seeks to bring happiness and (metaphorical) glitter to all she interacts with. She is also a strong advocate for consent and believes that it is an essential part of all relationships. Carrie Anne is a dedicated and passionate member of the OTO. She is committed to helping others on their spiritual journey and to creating a more just and equitable world.

 Email him at: carrie.anne@oto-usa.org