"The Kaaba Colloquium was a wonderful, very rewarding event to attend. The presentations given were packed with practical information for improving a Local Body's existing operations as well suggesting multiple avenues for growth and innovation. It proved incredibly motivating to our local members, recharging their overall enthusiasm as well as opening exciting new prospects for the future. Beyond that, it provided a marvelous opportunity to meet and get to know Sisters and Brothers from throughout our region and beyond. All in all, it was a great experience I'd recommend to anyone thinking of attending or hosting!" - Frater Lux Ad Mundi, Former Master, Thelesis Oasis, Philadephia PA

"I am grateful that we have such amazing training programs in OTO like Kaaba. The team presented relevant, well organized and inspirational workshops on the many challenges that we have as leaders in OTO. At my local body, we currently have many new officers and Kaaba provided them with the knowledge and context that the jobs they are doing is part of a larger OTO and it gave them the opportunity to meet those other Brothers and Sisters and make deep and long lasting connections with them. In addition, a variety of workshops were presented for different levels of experience which makes Kaaba a right fit for anyone in OTO: our newest officers, our long time members, and our leaders in other triads. Thank you all for bringing us such insight and opportunity!" - Sister Kim Knight, HP of the Psyche-Eros Rose Croix Chapter, Portland, OR

"Kaaba Colloquium was an extremely useful and informative experience for me, as a longtime initiate of the Order, as an officer for the local body, and as an incoming Oasis Master. The workshops were instructive, with a minimum of redundancy, and the greatest challenge I faced during the course of the weekend was deciding which workshops to attend. The material presented was valuable, and the fraternal bonds cemented with other body officers in the region has allowed for the continued exchange of ideas and practices that continue to contribute to the growth and success of our body. I do not hesitate to recommend attendance, as the weekend invested in education for the officers and regional leaders will be paying dividends for years to come, while the shared fraternal exchanges are among my cherished memories." - Brother Jon Sewell, Former Master, Horizon Lodge, Seattle, WA