About Us

Kaaba Colloquium 4.0 is the latest iteration of the local leadership training resource utilized within U.S.G.L. We provide online videos for study and facilitation, leadership outlines and papers, and in-person training. 

Our goal is to educate our members and current leaders, provide access to national leaders, and inspire future leaders. As a bonus, attendees will pick up skills to leverage in their daily lives.

The Kaaba speaker pool includes representatives of numerous teams across U.S.G.L., including multiple members of the Strategic Planning Office, the Education Committee, the Families Committee, past and current Electors, the Volunteer Coordinator, initiators, clergy, past NOTOCON planners, and numerous experienced past masters. Due to this, if an attendee has an issue, we hope to be able to address it at the moment or find an answer quickly.

As has always been our custom, the presentation topics are constantly evolving in response to the planning demands of U.S.G.L. as well as the growing sophistication of local bodies. During the long break for the quarantine, many things changed in how U.S.G.L. functions, and our materials must therefore also evolve. To that end, the Kaaba Program team took a planning retreat in November of 2022 and will return to the road with an all-new program in 2024 E.V.

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The History of Kaaba Colloquia