Development Team

The development team without which the vision of Kaaba 4 could not have been designed and implemented.

Sr. Hattie Quinn (she/they): dreamer and team leader.

Br. Jay Lee (he/him): emergency backup and sage.

Br. Derek Bales (he/him): team bartender and font of developmental wisdom.

Sr. Melissa Holm (she/her): team time manager and strategist.

Br. Jon Sewell (he/him): videographer and team bard.

Mackay (she/her): team cheer captain and our very own Janet.

Br. Colin Campbell (he/him): team backbone and comrade in arms.

Sr. Angela L. (she/her): long-time collaborator and mistress of the Miro board.

Sr. Carrie Anne (they/she):  trusty sidekick and team admin.